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Whole Sol

Blend Bar



Whole Sol is a prototype fast casual smoothie blend bar, where wellness meets energetic hang-out spot. With plans to expand nationwide, this Denver startup has legs to run.

Open in Denver’s Union Station, Boulder, and future locations on the way to a city near you. 



Entrepreneurs, Phil and Alexa, set out to build a smoothie bowl brand from the ground up, launching their first of several locations in Denver. Our mission was to help them capture their vision in a brand experience that transcends the physical space. Whole Sol’s brand architecture and strategy revolve around the philosophy of being 100% real, transparent, organic and compostable.

2018-06-05 - SolBol Interior Rendering-edit.jpg

Whole Sol was built from the brand foundation; the brand character and identity came to life naturally. The brand identity system is clean, simplistic, bold and fresh, complimenting the vision and concept of the interiors. Brand touchpoints such as the banana scratch and sniff wallpaper in the restrooms along with the message “stop and smell the bananas” are the essence of the brand character. Signage, artwork, packaging, uniforms all contribute to the vibe. The interior concept was inspired by the vibrant bowls and fresh ingredients, gradient blush walls, teal tiles, living wall accented by rose gold pendants and a wood community table.

Whole sol_Business Cards_.jpg

https://denver.eater.com/2018/7/18/17583036/whole-sol-smoothie-bowls-union-station http://diningout.com/denverboulder/whole-sol-blend-bar-union-station/