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Thrice Pop-Ups



Bringing something new into the Denver scene, the vision of the pop-ups are immersive, temporary, artful, fun, provocative and slightly strange.

Thrice is a rotating eatery, mixing food, drink, and design activating spaces, engaging people, creating immersive experiences to the community.



Korean BarbieQ was the first in a series of pop-up concepts, infusing art, food & drink and pop culture to create each immersive, temporary experiences. Our mission is to bring people together, activate vacant space and give up-and-coming creatives a place to shine. Look for a color immersion pop up, an outer space tiki bar, a retro pride event along with several more. Thrice will partner with non-profits, brand sponsors, culinary, mixologists, artists, and musical talent. Visit ThricePopUp.com and follow us on Instagram to learn more about past partners, event information, sponsorship opportunities, and corporate events.


The concept behind Korean BarbieQ fused Korean barbecue and deconstructed Barbie with an undertone of female empowerment. A pink glow painted the room from the neon sign that read “I’m F’ing Perfect.” Booths lined with Korean movie posters, Barbie head chandeliers, a chevron pattern wall of Barbie and mannequin legs with chopstick pendants. An eight-foot blonde wig wall was the hit of the night, Barbie’s dressing room outfitted by Buffalo Exchange, a life-sized Barbie box as the presidential Barbie photo booth. Women’s march posters lined the DJ booth, as a backdrop for badass female DJ’s each of the six nights, a “tough as nails” sign made of acrylic and hammer nails accented the space.