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Facial Spa



Translate a facial spa brand from Southeast Asia into a scalable spa prototype equip for nationwide expansion while preserving the roots of the brand. 

An urban retreat meets wellness and modern skincare techniques, creating experience guests leave feeling transformed and refreshed.



Maximalist built out the Jalan brand architecture which formed the foundation of the strategic messaging platform and proof points that deliver on the brand promise and concept. Brand tenets included: treatments, service, guest journey, atmosphere, philosophy, amenities, signature touchpoints. 

JALAN_Sand Garden.jpg
Jalan Brand Deck 2016_HR.jpg
Jalan Deck_HR-enlarged.jpg

Curated retail space welcomes guests into a comfortable atmosphere where they can explore products used in their treatments without feeling pressure to buy. Visual graphics on the wall describe each step of the journey for guests to anticipate services that await. As you meander the sensory and therapeutic journey at your own pace and indulge in the ceremony of “me.” The Jalan Journey starts and ends with tea, aromatherapy, footbath, and meditation garden, each space, and touchpoint carefully designed to express ownership’s vision.