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Strategy / Branding / Concept Visioning / Experience Design

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Henley embodies the spirit of Nashville, brought to life with the help of local artisans from leather and metal workers, photographers, furniture makers, and sign artists.

Setting out to create a place that embodies Nashville in each detail and touchpoint, Henley was born.



Envisioning a restaurant in a highly competitive market comes with its challenges, it needs to be unique to the location, the cuisine, the concept. We collaborated heavily with Kimpton’s restaurant team and ownership to ensure each detail not only looked on brand but functioned for the service and operational execution of the concept.

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Naming, identity, strategy, and concept are the foundation of the Henely brand. We hand-selected local antiques, designed custom wallpapers, curated art and accessories that tell the Henley story. Each touchpoint contributes to the experience of the brand from uniforms, collateral, menus, down to the selection of the plates, cutlery, and drinkware. The brand anthem video was produced and directed in-house, photoshoots in Nashville and truly embody the essence of the restaurant.

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