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Fisk & Co

Kimpton Monaco, Chicago



Inspired by a Belgian bistro, Fisk & Co is serving up mussels, frites, and beer with a lively, casual vibe in Kimpton Monaco Chicago.

The anatomy, history, and origin of the mussel-inspired the interior finishes, color palette, and design and brand drivers.



Designed to pay homage to the building’s former roots as D.B. Fisk & Company, a local millinery and hat manufacturer from the early 1900s.  Inspired by the mussel as a vehicle to tell the story of Fisk & Co., which translates to ‘fish,’ we deconstructed the mussel pulling inspiration from the contrasting rich colors, textures, patterns, materials, art and brand touchpoints.


The story of Fisk & Co. came to life with a blend of old and new infused with subtle nautical off-kilter nods and textural elements. Guests may never make the connection to the concept or ever know the mussel drove the design; our intention is never to do a literal translation; rather details are meant to be subtle yet memorable. Our focus went into brand touchpoints such as the menus, coasters, signage, custom wallpaper, website, check presenters, postcards, stamps, and letterhead.