Maximalist is a holistic creative agency specializing in branding, visioning, strategy, and experiential design. We believe in thinking big, asking “what if?” and “why not?", and creating new experiences that tell your story. We engage with you at the early stages, when an idea is just a twinkle in your eye, to help bring your vision to life.

The magic comes from our uncanny ability to develop brand experiences that delight the senses and connect with people. We work with everyone, from boutique brands to real estate developments, with a passion for restaurant and hospitality, pop-ups and immersive experiences.



Abigail Plonkey



Abigail Plonkey is Founder and Chief Experience Curator at Maximalist where she leads all aspects of the agency, including creative direction, strategy, and experiential design. Abbey is an interior designer and brand strategist by trade, with over 11 years of experience in strategy, brand ideation, storytelling, and visioning. After transitioning from the spa brand and development industry to a Denver-based architecture and design firm, Abbey developed one of the industry’s first fully comprehensive in-house agencies. Abbey has helped bring to market brands: Punch Bowl Social, Kimpton’s award-winning Henley Nashville, S*Park Sustainability Park, along with several local fast-casual brands and concepts.  

Abbey can conceptualize and envision captivating concepts; expressing the emotion and developing experiential designs that go beyond the four walls or the logo. She also founded Thrice Pop-Ups: a rotating supper club eatery that brings immersive design, unexpected fare, and cocktails together to wake your brain. Thrice is taking food, drink, and design to an entirely new level in the Denver scene; engaging brands, developers and real estate sites together with chefs, mixologists, artists, and musicians. Abbey plans to take the pop-ups nationwide, so look out for Thrice to pop-up in your ‘hood.’ 

Shoot Abbey a note, let’s find out how we can go to the moon, together.